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In addition to the monuments and tourist attractions, Valencia has many green spaces where you can practice varied and enjoyable outdoor activities. Thanks to its Mediterranean climate with sunny days and mild weather, you can enjoy Valencia and its parks …

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Course for Spanish teachers in Proyecto Español

The update of teachers is necessary in a profession like this that demands being up to date with all the didactics and methodology in the field of languages, especially now when technology has multiplied the resources and tools at the …

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Are you thinking of learning Spanish?

With so many Spanish language schools in Spain, choosing one can be a very difficult task. There are many reasons why you should choose Colegio Internacional Alicante: We have Standard, Intensive and Super-intensive courses that let you learn a lot …

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Título: Yrsa in Valencia and Hispania, escuela de español

Yrsa is a 23-year-old student, who studies Marketing in a University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She got the chance to do an internship at Hispania, escuela de español español, a Spanish language school in Valencia, Spain. Here you can read …

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Spanish Language and New Technologies

Spanish has become the second mother tongue just behind the Chinese. Considering natives and people who have learned it, there are about 530 million people speaking Spanish in the world. Furthermore, Spanish is consolidating as a second language in many …

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Study Spanish in the region of Valencia at a school accredited by the Instituto Cervantes  

Do you find it difficult to choose the right school in the right location to study Spanish? Given the wide range of courses and facilities available, making this decision is complicated because Spain is a rich and diverse country with …

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Cooking workshops in Españolé – International House Valencia

In Españolé – International House Valencia we offer every week a cooking workshop to discover the Spanish gastronomy, learn to cook the most typical meals and of course, taste them! The favourite meal of our students is the ”Paella Valenciana”, …

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Living and Learning at Enforex Valencia

Here at Enforex Valencia you will be able to practice your Spanish with native Spanish speakers.  Since this is one of the advantages of our school, you will find that you are able to practicewhat you have learned in class …

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Un grupo de agentes de EEUU descubren Valencia como destino de turismo idiomático

Las escuelas de español de FEDELE CV  han recibido recientemente a un grupo de agentes de EEUU, que vinieron por invitación conjunta con la Agencia Valenciana de Turismo y de la Oficina Española de Turismo (OET) de Los Ángeles. El …

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FEDELE CV CONTENIDOSNuestra asociación, FEDELE (Federación española de Escuelas de español como Lengua Extranjera), fue creada con el objetivo de aunar las principales escuelas de español de la Comunidad Valenciana para alcanzar [...]

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